1. The school follows the standardised curriculum offered by CBSE. It is carefully designed keeping in mind, the needs of the growing children, while catering to the requirements of the CBSE board.

  2. The school strives to provide a conducive atmosphere to the holistic development of the child It ensures to achieve the standards set by the CBSE.The The focus is on all round development of mind, body and personality development of the child.

  3. Students are ensured of development of effective communication skills which is very vital for the young minds.

  4. They are exposed to a variety of listening and speaking activities and provided with interesting age- appropriate reading material.

  5. Children are encouraged to boost their confidence by asking questions, experiencing and Learning rather than rote learning. They are taken on field trips to visualise and experience the content laid in their books.

  6. They are encouraged to be confident. The teachers are firm yet child friendly guides, bringing out the best in them.

Re-exam rules : Re-examination will not be conducted for absence during exam time In this case Only the grades for orals, projects / books, etc. will be taken into consideration.

If required, Students will be allowed to reappear for the examination only on medical grounds on the production of the medical certificate.

Language policy : English is the language to be used within the campus and in the school bus.

Class and home assignment : All the books must be maintained neatly and notes completed on time. Class and home assignments should be submitted timely. Books must be brought daily as per the schedule provided. Default on these counts will be noted in the calendar for parental feedback.

Parents are needed to keep a daily check on the daily contents of the child’s School Diary.

  • Even in subjects like Mathematics which children often find difficult due to abstract concepts, with child-friendly teaching and hands on activity to help them visualise, experience and decipher the core of Maths, understanding is made easy.

  • In the middle school phase, students are pushed towards deeply analysing and understanding concepts. They are encouraged to take up projects both individually and in groups. This makes Learning more meaningful and also aids in collaborative learning.

  • Students of High School are provided a very structured and controlled by making use of standardised text books and training them to face the challenges and benchmarks set by the CBSE.

  • Most importantly, it focuses on creating healthy individuals and better citizens for the future. Students are encouraged to make effective use of their problem solving ability and to work towards new ideas and solutions.

  • They are guided by experts on various career options for the future. Their Leadership skills are honed and they are trained to become empowered, thinking individuals.

  • Across all the age groups, equal emphasis is placed on creating opportunities to bring out the best aspects of the child's personality.

  • They have ample exposure to real Life problems and are encouraged to take up social issues and brainstorm solutions thus boosting their problem solving skills.

  • They are also encouraged to appreciate and take up fine arts, performing arts and ample platforms are provided to showcase their talents.

  • Sports and Fitness is highly valued and apart from regular coaching in various physical skills, special training is provided to bring out the best in budding champs.