Student Welfare

Student welfare

In the primary years the emphasis is on the children joyfully exploring the World, asking questions and building basic skills. Our objective is to nurture curiosity, resourcefulness, courage and confidence in the child and groom them to be responsible and productive members of the society.

  • Themes like family, festivals, nature, etc. are integrated through various subjects for the young learners to observe and experience the real World.

  • Communication is encouraged to build a basic vocabulary along with listening and speaking skills, listen to and tell stories, write freely and read with interest.

  • The concept of numbers is understood and the basic mathematical operations, counting, classifying and

  • sequencing the objects are applied to real life contexts. In the later years, we encourage children to find out how things work, master concepts, apply knowledge and discover talents.

  • Practical Projects are undertaken to apply knowledge acquired and make the learning real.

  • Extra coaching is provided to deepen each child’s interest in one or more areas like sports, music or literature.

  • Opportunities are provided to the learners to express themselves, work in teams, research, solve problems and make decisions.