School Rules : These rules are to be applicable where a learner is on the school premises, at a school function or school activity, or in a public place where he or she is identifiable, or likely to be identified, as a learner of The Yenepoya School. A learner shall not use foul, abusive, racist, sexist or blasphemous language.

  • A learner shall not assault, threaten, bully, harass, abuse, intimidate, victimize or endanger the life or safety of anyone.

  • A learner shall not possess any weapon, knife or dangerous object.

  • A learner shall not smoke, use drugs or consume intoxicating liquor, nor may a learner associate himself or herself with any other learner/ person smoking, using drugs or consuming liquor as aforesaid.

  • A learner shall not attend a school function or activity whilst under the influence of drugs or intoxicating liquor nor in the company of such persons.

  • A learner may not be absent from a class or leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal or his or her nominee.He/she shall behave exceptionally very well. He / she shall not be a bad influence on others. He / she shall follow the directions given to him / her properly.

  • The learner at The Yenepoya School shall follow the directions given to him/ her by the instructors & coaches without any questioning.

  • No notice, banner or communication may be displayed on the premises without the permission of the Principal or his or her nominee.

  • A learner may not possess or view pornographic or any other abusive / undesirable material.

  • A learner shall not by way of any conduct or utterance bring the good name of the school into disrepute.

  • A learner shall obey, observe and carry out all regulations made and issued by the Principal or his or her nominee, and any instructions or directives given to the learner by an educator.

  • All subject textbooks should be brought to school in accordance with the teacher’s instructions and must be maintained well till the end of the academic year.

School Diary must be brought to school daily without fail

  • Roaming in the classrooms, corridors, campus (within or after school hours) is not allowed.

  • Moving out of the classrooms should be in an orderly manner. Students going by private vehicles should sit in the lobby till the concerned Person comes.

  • Students should not bring any unnecessary items to school like mobiles, I-pods, cameras, etc. The school will not be responsible for any money or valuables lost.

  • Unaccepted behaviour including, but not limited to irregular attendance, academic dishonesty and neglect of homework, disruptive behaviour, loitering and disrespectful behaviour towards staff or fellow students will result in serious disciplinary action.

  • Any misbehaviour or violation of school discipline will be dealt with sternly and corrective action will be taken. In extreme cases

  • parents will be called in to discuss the child’s behaviour and may lead to suspension or expulsion from the school.

  • It is compulsory for students to wear the school issued ID card to school every day. Not wearing the ID card could result in the child not being allowed into the school premises.

  • Students should refrain from wearing expensive jewellery while coming to school. Also, they are strictly prohibited from getting electronic items, etc. to school.

  • The Yenepoyans should always behave in a courteous manner wherever they go. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct. In matters pertaining to any of the above rules, the Principal’s decision would be final.

Regulations : The Principal may from time to time issue directives, instructions and rulings, collectively called regulations, to ensure the efficient running of the School. These regulations deal with matters such as procedures for dealing with latecomers, delimiting the bounds of the learner’s movements, maintaining the school uniform, and facilitating the flow of traffic in the campus, buildings and grounds. These regulations include the basic standards of behaviour expected in passages and classrooms, as set out in The Yenepoya School and the Rules of the Room displayed in all classrooms.

Leave Rules :

  • Any leave taken for 1 or 2 days should be informed through the calendar.

  • For any leave beyond 3 or more days, parents have to submit an application to the Principal.

  • Children are expected to attend school regularly. Under affiliation Bye-Laws of the Central Board of Secondary Education, all students are expected to log in a minimum attendance of 75% of the total working days in the academic session. As such, no leave of absence is granted unless parents/guardians submit an application well in advance on plausible grounds for absence.

  • In case of sickness for any period of time, a Medical Certificate must be attached with the leave application.

  • Taking of leave in the middle of the year by children is not allowed. In case it is inevitable, parents have to take the responsibility for making up for the classes lost, completion of notes, etc.

  • Students are not allowed to go out without proper permission and gate pass. In case of early leave, the parent has to take the prior permission and gate pass and give it to the security personnel at the gate.

Misconduct : Failure to abide by the school rules and regulations and infringing the rights of others constitutes misconduct.

Penalties for misconduct : Penalties for misconduct range from verbal warnings and extra work to suspension and suspension pending a decision on expulsion. All punishment must be seen to be fair, reasonable and consistent.

Minor misdemeanors may incur detention, or suspended detention, and confiscation.

Serious offences may lead to multiple detentions, Daily Report, loss of privileges, being debarred from standing for the SPS (School Prefectorial System), letters to parents, interviews with parents, counselling etc.).

A learner may not offer or receive outside assistance in tests or examinations, or place him or herself in a position which allows them to give or receive outside assistance. Learners may not carry notes or any form of memory aid unless specifically permitted for that examination & or by the teacher. No learner may have a cell phone in their possession during school hours. In addition to the penalties for a serious offence, a learner who cheats or is suspected of cheating in tests or exams can get nought for the paper concerned.

Very serious offences may lead to community service, corrective action as envisaged under the Drugs Policy, suspension, or suspension with a view to expulsion. Criminal activities may even be reported to the Police Department. Defiance of the Code of Conduct, threatening the physical safety of anyone, any behaviour which disrupts the effective functioning of the School, the possession, use or distribution of unauthorised materials, drugs or alcohol, vandalism, theft, fraud and plagiarism are all examples of very serious offences.

The Yenepoya School Courtesy Regulations : The following are intended to reduce the stress experienced in our school campus / classrooms and passages and to teach everyone valuable concepts in life skills. Manners have to be so well-learned that courteous behaviour is automatic. Courtesy then becomes an effortless aid to friendly relationships.

  • Keep left. Move in single file.

  • Move briskly. Do not loiter, especially at intersections. Do not run.Do not shout indoors..

  • When waiting outside a classroom, line up in (single file) on the same side.

  • NEVER sit down until invited to do so, once you enter an office or classroom.

  • ALWAYS stand up when an adult who is standing or walking by addresses you, unless they expressly excuse you from the often, including when you leave a classroom at the end of a lesson.

  • Greet everyone, especially teachers, at least with a smile

  • Acknowledge instructions and advice with an appropriate response: “Yes, ma’am”,”No, sir” or “Thank you” and so on.

Classroom rules

  • Be a good friend to everyone.

  • Always respect everyone and obey your teachers.

  • Do not disrupt, tease or bully others.

  • Move in an orderly manner without wasting time.

  • Keep your hands to yourself.

  • Maintain your study materials neat and clean.

  • Be supportive when working with groups.

  • Leave toys/Gadgets/Other fancy items at home and be responsible.

  • Ask for help when you need it.

  • Keep your area clean and neat.

  • Keep away from the bad habits and junk food.

Punctuality and attendance:

Students will be warned twice for late coming and will have to report to the Principal the third time. Stern action shall be taken if the late coming persists

  • Students must reach school before 8.10 am (assembly time)

  • Students will be warned twice for late coming and will have to report to the Principal the third time. Stern action shall be taken if the late coming persists.